MobileHMI HMI/SCADA Mobile Applications:

  • Microsoft: Native WinRT and Windows Phone Apps take advantage of Microsoft's latest Operating System.
  • Apple: iPhones and iPads can now access full ICONICS views for unparalleled control via HTML5.
  • Google: HTML5 access to HMI/SCADA control from Phones and Tablets running Android Operating Systems.

About MobileHMI

Access and control enterprise industrial automation applications from anywhere using ICONICS MobileHMI. Beginning with the AppHub starting screen, users can customize the layout of their graphics and assets for quick intuitive access to control. By viewing GENESIS64-based operational HMI displays, application assets, alarms, and trends MobileHMI allows users to remain informed from anywhere. For increased efficiency existing automation customers of ICONICS can access data, alerts, and graphics through MobileHMI to remotely control and view operational conditions in real-time. Users can view real-time and historical TrendWorX64 trends, acknowledge, and monitor AlarmWorX64 alarms, navigate and drill-down to AssetWorX assets, or control operations via GraphWorX64 displays. Developed with integration into the GENESIS64 solution from ICONICS, MobileHMI offers full client functionality from Microsoft Surface devices.